The Minister of Trade and the Governor of DKI Jakarta Review Non-Food Modern Retail Outlets Conduct Co-Operational Session 19

The Minister of Trade Agus Suparmanto & the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan, conducted a simulation of the Coap 19 Protap implementation at the Ace Hardware Non-Food Retail Outlet in Rawamangun, Jakarta.
- Simulation to see and ensure readiness and ensure Coop 19 Protap runs according to the Minister of Trade's SE no. 12/2020, Pergub DKI no. 51/2020 & Permenkes no.9 / 2020 concerning PSBB
- Aprindo through this simulation wants to prove to stakeholders (Government, Society, Media & Consumers) that modern retail members of APRINDO who reach 32.000 outlets throughout Indonesia are Ready, Fast and Concerned in carrying out Pandemic Covid19 protap consistently and measured in welcoming the transition PSBB in DKI Jakarta until the easing of PSBB towards New Normal so that people do not have to worry about shopping for basic necessities, everyday household in modern retail.
- This simulation is a guide for modern retail outlets of APRINDO members throughout Indonesia to have the same understanding and standard of life with a pandemic because there is no vaccine and entering New Normal.
- This simulation is expected to become an affirmation & clear understanding for the Regional Governments (Provinces, Regencies / Cities) in Indonesia towards active modern retail businesses in responding to the Coap2 pandemic protap, so that the Regional Government is not a priori towards modern retail that sells basic needs & everyday for the people in their area.
- This simulation is also expected to be a driver of Trade or Household Consumption in modern retail as a contributing point for GDP of 56.7%, will be a support for recovery and growth, the movement of the nation's economy.


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