Come on, take the training! Online E-Commerce Training - FREE

In an effort for those of you affected by COVID-19, to become entrepreneurs or retail workers who are empowered to sell goods online -
The last wave of registration for e-commerce training has opened. We invite friends who are interested in getting expertise about e-commerce to immediately register through
APRINDO link: www.
Registration with a limited quota
We have 2 (two) programs for you:
1. Online Store Administration Training
Duration of online training 2 days x 4 hours
Material: online shop business processes, store profile administration, inventory administration, sales administration, digital marketing activities
Training target: General and retail store employees
Requirements: Following business coaching for e-commerce
Internet access available
2. Training to Create an Online Store Application
Duration of online training 4 days x 3 hours
Material: using the Thunkable X platform, designing UI / UX online stores, managing databases, transactions via Whatsapp, sharing applications with customers
Training target: retail store owner / prospective owner
Requirements: logic test and MUST follow business coaching for e-commerce
There is access to a computer / laptop and internet access is available
1. Age over 18 years
2. Fill in personal data completely
3. Answer questions or test interests and commitment
4. Read the instructions carefully at each stage of registration and at the time
batches 5 & 6
Online Store Administration Training
☆ Batch 5
Saturday - Sunday, 18-19 July 2020 from 8.30 to 12.30
☆ Batch 6
Saturday - Sunday, August 8-9, 2020 from 8.30 to 12.30
batch 5 & 6 Training to Create an Online Store Application
☆ Batch 5
Saturday-Sunday, July 18-19 & July 25-26, 2020 09 to 12
☆ Batch 6
Saturday-Sunday, August 8-9 & August 15-16 2020 at 09 to 12
Info: 0878 7661 9411 (Lia - Whatsapp)
Register directly at:
Registration Link:


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