Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Label: APRINDO East Java

APRINDO East Java introduces APRINDO to all heads of Disperindag Madura islands

On this occasion we introduce APRINDO to all heads of the Madura archipelago Disperindag, God willing, a DPC will soon be formed in Madura districts, please pray for your blessing.

APRINDO East Java Business Matching with IKM fostered by BPWS

Day-2 Business Matching with BPWS-assisted IKM, along with fellow buyers Alfamart (Mrs. Inggrid) and Indomaret (Pak Yusuf), Hopefully APRINDO will contribute more and be more recognized ...

Aprindo Jatim with BPWS and IGZ Germany (Mr. Makdonal Anwar -...

Aprindo Jatim together with BPWS and IGZ Germany (Mr. Makdonal Anwar - Coordinator of the Migration and Diaspora Program) in the 2019 seminars and summit. On this occasion ...
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