Chatbot Shopping Makes E-Commerce Website Easier During Ramadan


Shopping phenomenon online is on booming and affect the sector E-commerce in Indonesia. In fact, there are 80 million Indonesians shopping online actively through smartphone.

In welcoming the coming of the Eid day, Ramadan became one of the busiest moments for e-commerce website with an increase in the number of visits in the first two weeks of Ramadan until before the holiday. According to the Indonesian Traders Association, Ramadan is a time where people will shop 30% more than usual.

Number of visits e-commerce website also increased by 152% more in the time of dawn, ie at 03.00:06.00 to XNUMX:XNUMX. After that, a visit website returned to normal in the morning and increased by 12% in the afternoon break and before the fasting time.

With trends and changes in consumer behavior, the industry E-commerce has contributed US $ 12,2 billion or 45% to the growth of the digital economy in Indonesia, which has now reached US $ 27 billion from three years ago which was only US $ 600 million, according to data from Google last year.

However, there is still a gap between the increase in total sales and the high amount of traffic website, so sellers should more aggressively promote their merchandise and try to advertise during Ramadan. One strategy that can be carried out by the provider e-commerce website is exploiting shopping chatbotchatbot this type can help business E-commerce increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Chatbot shopping helping consumers to buy products just by sending messages whenever and wherever. chatbot this type has a great opportunity for business online to enhance the consumer experience, both digitally and conventionally.

Other than that, shopping chatbot can act as virtual assistants for consumers, cut operational business activities, and provide 24-hour customer service to businesses E-commerce can process orders easily even at dawn and after breaking the fast.

Other benefits when using chatbot for business E-commerce is you can reach more potential customers through social media. You can make it easier for consumers to find products that fit by filtering, sorting, and replying to orders more quickly through features chat. In fact, consumers can ask about products with natural conversations that can be personalized in a chatbot.

Furthermore, you can tell consumers about Update and notifications relating to the details of shipping goods, attractive offers, and product recommendations in a more personal way based on similar products they saw before.

In short, the positive impact of Ramadan for business people is the increased demand for goods, services, and the amount of household consumption compared to other months. Especially towards the end of Ramadan and preparation for the Lebaran season, a visit website will continue to increase, and this is a great opportunity for business owners E-commerce to serve the needs of consumers and increase customer satisfaction through application chatbot for business.


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