Be Smart and Empowered Consumers with CLICK Checks


Jakarta - Indonesia with a large population is a potential target market for the distribution of drugs and food, both domestic and imported products. The incessant advertising and promotion of products and the provision of attractive promos often make the public more consumptive. For this reason, consumer protection is an important point that must be given to the public. Through an education program with the KLIK Check campaign (Packaging, Labels, Distribution Permit, and Expiration) and the BPOM Application Mbl (2D Barcode), The POM also helped build awareness people to always choose, buy, and consume safe Food and Drug products.

"Awareness in choosing and consuming drugs and food must start from each individual. With the KLIK Check campaign, the community is educated to become smart and empowered consumers in protecting themselves, their families and their environment. " This was conveyed by the Head of POM RI, Penny K. Lukito when talkshow Communication, Information and Education (IEC) in the framework of launching the National Program "Let's Check CLICK Before Shopping!" in Jakarta, Saturday (07/09).

Drug and Food education efforts to the public are not only the responsibility of the POM, but also business actors and related cross sectors including community associations and social institutions. For this reason, the National Agency for Drug and Food Control continues to build cooperation with business actors and actively involve the community, one of which is the Indonesian Retail Employers' Association (Aprindo). Aprindo is an association of business actors that has regional management in 34 (thirty four) provinces throughout Indonesia and consists of 40.000 (forty thousand) small to large modern retailers. One tangible manifestation of the POM Agency's synergism with Aprindo is the installation of KLIK Check education material on counter display in retail facilities throughout Indonesia.

"The involvement of retail businesses is one form of business actors' responsibility in providing consumer protection in the form of providing safe and quality products and education for consumers in retail facilities," said Penny K. Lukito. Meanwhile, in the realm courses BPOM application mobile devices (2D Barcode) make it easy for the public to check Drug and Food products registered through scanning 2D Barcode on the product label. "Through this application the public can also make complaints about a product or get the latest information from the POM," said the Head of the POM.

The Head of POM explained that the National Program "Let's Check KLIK Before Shopping!" this is the first step. In the future, various other programs will continue to be carried out with businesses and across sectors to protect the community more optimally. "We invite all Indonesian people to become intelligent and empowered consumers. Check before buying and report if there is a violation. With CLICK Check before buying a product and checking the product through the BPOM application mobile Let's together create superior and healthy human resources to develop advanced Indonesia, "invited the Head of the POM Agency.

In addition to the Head of the POM, also attended as a guest speaker at the event talkshow IEC is Ojak S. Manurung (Ministry of Trade), Tulus Abadi (Chair of the Indonesian Consumers Foundation / YLKI), Fathurrahman (Aprindo), and Ussy Sulistiawaty (public figure). In talkshow will be discussed regarding consumer rights, the role of government and the obligations of business actors in providing protection for consumers, the role of POM in drug and food control, as well as intelligent and empowered consumers.


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