1. This is very good regarding the condition of the Covid pandemic 19. Hopefully it can add insight and skills to entrepreneurs, especially those who are just starting out. And hopefully there is assistance in the future or training that is linear.

  2. Thank you for training amid covid 19, hopefully our knowledge will continue to increase ...

  3. How to Regustration, for example want to follow.
    The thing is I didn't find the Regustration menu

  4. Hopefully Aprindo can become one of the means for us educators to deliver material to students in accordance with developments in the field and the needs of the workforce. So students can have competencies that suit their needs.

  5. Thank you for providing online training I hope that SMEs can be more advanced and developing. Hopefully, I will not only reach here until I continue to develop and develop SMEs.

  6. We need guidance so that we can continue to produce and business continues smoothly with the corona outbreak,


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