The Indonesian Retail Entrepreneurs Association is ready to support the Productive Migrant Village (Decmigratif) program


The Indonesian Retail Employers' Association (Aprindo) is ready to support the Productive Migrant Village (Desmigratif) program carried out by the Ministry of Manpower.

The Chairperson of Aprindo, Roy N. Mandey, said that his party would help market the production of processed products from TKIs and their families who had participated in training in processing staples which were of superior potential at Desmigratif locations.

Desmigratif is a protection program for migrant workers from their hometown. The main targets of this program are prospective migrant workers, full migrant workers, and migrant workers' families.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Manpower (Menaker), Hanif Dhakiri, said that since its launch in 2017, Desmigratif has been implemented in 120 villages of migrant worker / TKI migrant workers. In 2018 an additional 130 villages will be added and in 2019 it is projected to total 400 Decimigratives.

Untuk itu, ia pun mengajak berbagai pihak untuk mendukung pengembangan program Desmigratif. Ia  berharap para pengusaha ritel yang tergabung dalam Aprindo dapat membantu pemasaran produk-produk dari Desmigratif.

“Dukungan dari para pengusaha ritel diharapkan dapat membantu peningkatan ekonomi dan kesejahteraan para TKI dan keluarganya yang tersebar di desa kantong-kantong TKI di Indonesia,” kta Hanif di Jakarta, Rabu (4/7/2018).

Hanif also said that the government is committed to advancing Indonesia's retail industry so that it can grow and develop so that it can expand employment opportunities and reduce unemployment. Until now, the total employment in the retail sector nationwide has reached 154 million.

“Kita berharap industri ritel di Indonesia ini dapat terus bertahan, tumbuh, dan berkembang di era persaingan global,” pungkasnya.



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