7 Ways That Can Revive Sluggish Retail Growth


1. Community
Community becomes an important thing that must be considered by retail to survive in the future. Retail must be able to build a community of consumers, campuses, academics, women, organizations, entrepreneurs, and others to subscribe to modern retail stores.

2. Customization
Retailers must be able to custom products according to lifestyle needs and consumer expectations

3. Connectivity
Online retailers must start thinking about physical stores so they can be reached anywhere, while offline players must think about how to reach customers via gadgets.

4. Convenience
Retail must also be convenience. The store must be comfortable, and consumers must obtain benefits or gimmicks to enhance the customer experience

5. Content
The content provided must be of really high quality and in accordance with the expectations and needs of consumers. The products offered are not just duplicate products that have been produced so far

6. Curation and Choice
Retailers must really curate and choose products that are worthy of being in their stores. The products sold must really follow the trend

7. Control
Retail players must be able to exercise control and be prepared to take the right steps for changes in their industries.


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